Friday, April 22, 2005

Midnight Train to Nepal

Heading on a night train to the India/Nepal border in a few hours. You're wondering if Nepal is safe. We all are. We think it is or we wouldn't be going.

Train gets in at 6am then we catch a three hour bus and then we're at the border. We'll need to apply for a visa and get a bus into Nepal (another 10 hours of bus fun). If there aren't any bandhs (nationwide strikes that stop all commerce under fear of violence) we should get there easily enough.

The dangers seem to be ones of inconvienence, not safety. There have only been two tourists caught in civil unrest ever and it was widely reported so unless you see something on the news you'll know I'm okay.

Have written much about India. Have been unable to get it posted with current internet situation. Nepal promises to have much more basic facilities so it could be a while.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Felts said...

Abtin, Thomas, Greg, and Mr. Marc Nathan are here in Germany. We will miss re-doing all those replays. Wish you were here


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