Friday, April 15, 2005

Incredible India

In Delhi. Trying to avoid mental 'Heart of Darkness' conception of trip but Australia/New Zealand/Thailand/India routing has made that hard. Staying with Akshay's relatives in Noida, a Delhi suburb.

Took tour of city yesterday. The worst thing a backpacker can do is "take a tour." The best thing they can do is anything where they get to say "and I was the only foreigner." So this was a tour where I was the only non-Indian. It was given all in Hindi, it was $2.50 for nine hours of intense Delhi sights. Made friends with bus mates. Served as something of a curiosity.

Not sure when I'll get to post real entries, internet place here doesn't take CDs. Heading south tomorrow for Jaipur, then look at that Taj Majal and maybe go to Nepal and fight with the Maoists for a bit.

Ankle continues to improve. As girl said on flight to Delhi, "It's not good just to take antibiotics, but if you have to take them anyway, it's probably a good idea to be on them while you're in India."


At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Alan said...

Hi, Brook!

Just ran into your mom tonight at "Cool Scoop" in Portsmouth and she told us about your incredible journey! Cowabunga, Man! Amazing stuff! This is the journey of a lifetime, and what a life it's turning out to be!

Take care of those infections and keep the good Karma flowing. It's certainly yours for the taking!

Give us a shout if and when you can:

I plan to read more of this blog later, when I have more time! I'm pretty busy right now but not in the same fantastic way you are!

Warmest regards from Portsmouth for 'Calm Seas and Prosperous Voyage'!!!!

AES ;:-)


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