Monday, April 11, 2005

Have Infection, Will Travel

When my thumb got badly infected in New Zealand, Jason and I found a silver lining: At least it was my thumb rather than a toe. Even though it hurt everytime my thumb touched something it was easy enough to keep it away from touching stuff. A toe would be impossible to protect without staying in bed.

So, yeah, my foot is infected now.

Just went a clinic here in Chiang Mai and learned that the throbbing swollen lump that once looked like my right ankle is likely infected with a similar infection as my thumb was back in March. I woke up three days ago with ten or so bites on the inside of both ankles; don't ask me why the bugs only bit right there.

The patches of bites have grown more swollen and painful over the last couple days and last night it was bad enough that I couldn't sleep. Apparently the staph infection got in through the bites.

So I'm back on antibiotics, and am limping around like I just had a hip replaced. I have faith in the drugs and though I am going to India in a couple days at least I'll be staying with Akshay's relatives who can help me get to the right medical facility if necessary.

Never a dull moment.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Felts said...

Abtin, Thomas, and Greg, and Mr. Marc Nathan are here in Germany. We are going to miss re-doing all those replays, wish you were here.


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