Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Good News Day

Woke up with much less pain in ankle, pills must be working. Flew down to Bangkok to try and get Indian visa before everything closes for the holidays. Here was the scene when I reached the Indian embassy.

Me: Hi. I'm hoping I can pick up my visa. I know it takes five days and its only been four but they said it could be ready today.

Guy at window #2: No, impossible. Come back Friday.

Me: But I have a ticket to fly to Delhi tomorrow. I really need to leave, I flew all the way here today to get the visa.

Guy at window #2: You can sell your ticket and buy a new one for next week.

Me: I really need to leave tomorrow, I'm willing to wait here all afternoon but I need it today.

Guy at window #2: Okay, wait there then.

Two hours later I had my visa. Off to Delhi tomorrow.


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Akshay said...

Presistance, and bribes work...good for the former, terrible for the latter, but both work in India.


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