Monday, April 18, 2005

Cruising through the subcontinent

In Jaipur and heading over to Taj Majal tonight or tomorrow. Jaipur looks like a National Geographic pictorial with Crayola colored outfits on all the women and cart-pulling camels trotting down the streets. Took tour of Jaipur yesterday. Was only non-Indian again but they did it in English anyway which made me feel a bit awkward but at least allowed me to know what was happening. Met Christian, a German, and we're probably going to travel on together for a few.

I'm moving much more quickly than I thought, thanks mainly to these tours which allow you to cover everything in a day. Also, there's no "social scene," people are too busy surviving to go out drinking. Christian is first traveler I've met...there just aren't many here during the awful hot summer and I've been staying in homes (with Akshay's relatives) instead of guest houses. The temperature gets over 100 every day and finding shade is a constant game. Okay, off to meet Christian and figure out next few days.


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