Friday, December 01, 2006

In the Bag

In response to Anthony's question I'll give some Xs and Os info...

I used a large Gregory backpack ( and a cheap, junky day pack. Inside I had:

-1 pair jeans
-1 pair shorts
-1 bathing suit
-4 t-shirts
-1 sweater
-1 short-sleeve polo
-1 light rain jacket

A shaving bag (toothbrush, contacts, ravor, soap etc)

Electronic equipment
-Panasonic DVX-100a video camera (and batteries and charger)
-1 wired lav mic
-1 shotgun mic
-2 mic cables
-1 small Velbon tripod
-15 or so tapes (i bought more and mailed as i went)
-15" Powerbook (and charger)
-2 small Lacie hard drives
-Avid software on the laptop

A large duffle bag that folded small to put my bag in when I flew.

A Pacsafe wiremesh bag (and padlock) to put the camera and computer in where I stayed

I got insurance for the pricey stuff through Safeware.

Internet access was good everywhere except India (I didn't belive it either until I got there). I scanned my key stuff (Passport, plane ticket) before I left and kept a copy on my computer, another in my e-mail, and another with my parents.

Remember your passport and bank card; the rest will sort itself out.