Saturday, March 01, 2008

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If you've stumbled here because of A Map for Saturday, welcome to the Fifty Weeks blog which I kept throughout my year-long trip. Below, I've linked to some of my favorite posts from the blog, if you're feeling a bit more ambitious you can scan the Archives. For what's new, check out my current blog tracking my drive through Africa. A full run down of what I've been up to is at

Here are some highlights from my year away:
Valentines Day
The Scene on Ko Phi Phi
You Can't Find City Hall
The Fires of Varanasi
On the Nepal Side
The Bus to Pokhara
Trekking in Nepal
Moving on Up
When Friday Rested
Sleep in Fact
The Fifth Bite of Dessert
My First Mugging
Pure Brazil
Drink Cart Land
a Place on Earth


At 11:45 PM, Anonymous brittnay said...

wonderful job on the documentary, i really enjoyed watching it on mtv. but i'm still a bit confused. how did it all start? one person, or two dozen? travelling alone, but they know eachother? were they paid by mtv? more answers please :) but great job! i want to see it again.

At 1:25 AM, Blogger Brook Silva-Braga said...

Paid by MTV to travel? Now that would be a good deal. It was just me on my trip but I met up with a lot of other solo travelers and spent a couple hours or couple days or couple weeks with them and videoed what we did

At 6:07 PM, Blogger param anand said...

totally fascinated with your docu.caught it on nat geo adventure.the sad part is it only airs at 3am out here in havent been able to watch it since.saving up the 19$ (=INRs 760) to buy the dvd(am a student so paucity of funds).hope i get to travel the world some day the same way.thanx for your guiding have made something better than you may realize.


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