Friday, December 01, 2006

In the Bag

In response to Anthony's question I'll give some Xs and Os info...

I used a large Gregory backpack ( and a cheap, junky day pack. Inside I had:

-1 pair jeans
-1 pair shorts
-1 bathing suit
-4 t-shirts
-1 sweater
-1 short-sleeve polo
-1 light rain jacket

A shaving bag (toothbrush, contacts, ravor, soap etc)

Electronic equipment
-Panasonic DVX-100a video camera (and batteries and charger)
-1 wired lav mic
-1 shotgun mic
-2 mic cables
-1 small Velbon tripod
-15 or so tapes (i bought more and mailed as i went)
-15" Powerbook (and charger)
-2 small Lacie hard drives
-Avid software on the laptop

A large duffle bag that folded small to put my bag in when I flew.

A Pacsafe wiremesh bag (and padlock) to put the camera and computer in where I stayed

I got insurance for the pricey stuff through Safeware.

Internet access was good everywhere except India (I didn't belive it either until I got there). I scanned my key stuff (Passport, plane ticket) before I left and kept a copy on my computer, another in my e-mail, and another with my parents.

Remember your passport and bank card; the rest will sort itself out.


At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best advice I ever heard while packing to leave for my year long backpacking trip was once you've packed your backpack take it all out again and lay it out on the bed. Half what's in it and double the money!

Thanks for sharing your story (adventure!) Brook, I just caught the second half tonight on NatGeoAdv channel (Australia). It made me rememeber my own year long trip, much of which I had fogotten. Amazing how fast time flies once you get back home again and how slowly (thankfully!) time went while travelling.


At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first time I traveled, was the first time I had ever boarded a plane. It was scarry and exciting at the same time. No one in my family understood why I choose to travel because they had never traveled. Hey none of my family had ever left Southern California. Even with all of the doubtful questions from my family, I knew I was doing something that I would never forget. Three years has passed since I lived Granada,Spain for an entire year and your story Brook brought back all of my memories from that great year. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story!!!

At 9:31 PM, Anonymous Tristan said...

You're packing list is right on par, mine is more or less the same but usually with a few maps.

A suggestion I like to give to folks who are about to set off in a big trip is this: go through a test-run.

I packed everything up in my bag, and brought exactly what was on my packing list, no more, no less, to visit some friends for a week in a nearby city.

Crashing on their couch, I put myself under the conditions I anticipated - so while their was a washing machine I was washing clothes in the sink and drying them on my clothesline... I was walking around for hours with my fully loaded backpack and guitar, to see if I could handle it. I got rid of anything I didn't use, because I simply didn't need it [except for a little emergency medical kit, and electrical converter... don't ditch things that are emergency specific or area-specific... if you're going to South America, don't ditch your mosquito net because you don't use it in Maryland, etc]


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