Sunday, March 13, 2005

You Can Never Go Home Again...

...And apparently you can’t go back to Sydney either. Even if you return to the same place, even if you find the same people, they aren’t the same people anymore.

Back in Australia for two days now. Sabrina offered companionship and accommodation during my layover, but 40 hours before arrival she e-mailed to tell me she’d met someone else. She didn’t (or couldn’t) rescind the offer to put me up, but it’s a bit awkward sharing the shelter of her double bed.

Usually when someone blows you off you can call up a friend, grab a beer and get over it. But the only person I know here is the one blowing me off and thanks to the antibiotics I can’t drink anyway. But I can whine about it here, and so I did.


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Savio Michellod said...

Wow! You are a lucky guy! Travel around the world like that must be a special experience! Your pictures are nice and make us dream! I would be more thant happy if I could do the same! I'll do it but I do not know when!
Thanks for sharing your experience. It has been interesting to read your blog!


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