Friday, October 07, 2005


They call it Oktoberfest but it fills the second half of September. It’s probably a trick to get people to show up late but its doesn’t work. They come just after breakfast and start downing liters of local beer. The “tents” house as many drinkers as a large theater or small arena.

If Oktoberfest was held in England or America or just about anywhere, it would be a total mess. But hammered Germans keep relative order and the ‘Fest is more than unchecked drunkenness (though it certainly is unchecked drunkenness). It’s also a carnival of rides and games and food. But mainly its about the beer. I’m too hungover to write anymore so the pictures will have to do…

Me and Akshay, who came all the way from New York to get drunk.

Germans are friendly

Which do you see first?: A) the amazing blond, B) The fella in shorts, or C) the guy sleeping on the ground.

Then it rained...

We still have our mugs.


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