Saturday, July 30, 2005


July 21 - Brussels, Belgium
I’ve been traveling for 193 days so far. Yesterday I went to my third museum. The first was in Jomsom, Nepal. I went because Yuba, my guide, would have been offended if I declined. A couple weeks ago in Stockholm, Sweden a group of us failed to find bikes and instead ended up at a museum celebrating this giant 17th century ship that sank on its first voyage. Yesterday, here in Brussels, Belgium I visited the beer museum. I plan to establish a policy of visiting all museums whose admission price includes free beer.

As I sip my Leffe Brune it occurs to me that Belgian people should be the world’s fattest, but they aren’t. Belgium is known for four things, each an opponent of thin waists and wide arteries: Beer, Waffles, Chocolate, and Frites.

I’ve constructed my diet around these four food groups, as a quick scan of my expenses for the last three days makes clear: Beer $3.50, Beer $2.50, Waffle w/ fruit and crème $4.00, Beer $7, Godiva chocolate $2.70, Generic chocolate $2.80, Frites $2.50, Beer $10, Beer and chocolate $6.80, Waffle w/ crème $1.80.

Tomorrow I go to Holland and who knows when I’ll be back in Belgium. So even though its 4pm on a Thursday I’ve finished my Leffe and have cracked open a Chimay. It’s okay to have a vice for a couple days, its just good the Belgians have a little more self control. And its good I’m going to Holland, at least there won’t be any vices waiting in Amsterdam.


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous Akshay said...

Have I mentioned how DT is now my favourite beer...and you were conveniently in Belgium and took a nice picture of the posters or a bar or something that makes me wish I had one.

mmmm Belgian Beer...I'd give in too.

At 2:39 AM, Blogger KT said...

Mmmm... this post really makes me want to go to that Belgian beer bar in the village...

Or, ya know, to Belgium.


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