Monday, May 30, 2005

How I Spent $8200

I’m keeping detailed records of where the money is going and I thought some of you might be interested to see how the expenses have broken down so far.

On average I’ve spent $58/day but the expenses have varied quite a bit from country to country. These are the averages for each county (excluding international flights and medical bills which I don’t count towards specific countries but have cost about $10/day over the course of the trip and are figured into the $58/day number):

Australia (44 days) $70/day
New Zealand (21 days) $67
Thailand (29 days) $31
India (10 days) $18
Nepal (14 days) $39
Cambodia (10 days) $29
Vietnam (13 days) $31

Those totals are the product of the specifics of my trip, not simply a reflection of the costs of those countries. For instance, India and Nepal are equally cheap but in India I had very low lodging costs because I stayed with families and split rooms with Christian while in Nepal I took an expensive trek and two domestic flights.

I’ve broken down my expenses into a few categories. Travel, food, and accommodation are the main culprits. On a day-to-day basis they’re equal burdens but the cumulative travel total is significantly higher than the others because of a few major flight expenses.
Travel $3087($22/day)
Food & drink $1594 ($11)
Accommodation $1487 ($11)
Other $686 ($5)
Medical $522 ($4)
Business $459 ($4)
Internet/phone $380 ($3)

With Europe on the way things are bound to get pricier but if I can maintain my current spending for the rest of the trip I’ll need another $12,250 (which thanks to my late generously compensated job I thankfully have). Europe on $60/day is ambitious, but I’m becoming a more efficient traveler and if there’s a better place to sleep on the street than Paris in July I’m not sure where.


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